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Before appointment face-to-face the very first time, seven had often played against Me.

Before appointment face-to-face the very first time <a href=""></a>, seven had often played against Me.


Five is lover of Mitch as a player, correctly the most resistant together with conceited self centered behaviors for his or her have confidence in his own expertise and data, but hasn’t got trouble to straight face him when he crosses the line. Besides all Five honestly takes into account him or her as pal or at least a frenemy.


Casino is actually a child friend of Five which he had not affecting 2 yrs until the events of “Smashozaurs”. Both of them has a shared love for the titular video game showcased in the episode, Smashozuars. Caused by regularly accompanying their pops to be effective right after which not seeing him for an entire 24 months, Casino thought left behind by Five for a time.


A child Five and Miko found out that are an experienced modder. She earned a new Chomp Kitty that was purple and called it Horn. She uses problems that were noticed and changes around AI and appearances to make them great pets


As a much more seasoned bug technical, Five is definitely amazed by and sees Zahra cool. Since the series progresses, they being associates and Zahra also builds up a crush on Five. Until now, four try unacquainted with them ideas about him or her.


Haneesh is actually a much more seasoned problem computer that Five areas and search up to. After “leader Leader”, the experience of regard was mutual.


They became close friends in “Collection venture” and often proceeded objectives along then, showing they’ve been on excellent phrases.

As boss regarding the Bailey side of Hinobi’s problem specialists, Phil is definitely Five’s manager. Five areas him as a superior it is ready hold their crushed against your in matters like delivering Ridley aboard bug technicians.

Abuela & Papi

Abuela & Papi Nieves tend to be Five’s grand-parents. Before coming to be a bug computer for Hinobi, Five regularly work on their nutrients truck. These people help his love for computer game.


Emilio are Five’s pop, and they are however on excellent terms and even though Five is actually disturb by your truth his pops is actually imprisonment.

Geri was a family buddy who’s going to be close with Five and his daddy. Ahead of the television series, seven hadn’t seen this model since his own pop am caught.

Abilities, Know-how, and Gear

Food preparation: Before he or she joined up with the Glitch specialists, they been shown to be a qualified cook within his personal meals truck.

Control: he is able to immediately making blueprints, making use of anything to his own disposition and considering his or her friends’ abilities, they tells posses transformative these kinds of strategies as soon as these don’t work precisely the man get accustomed to it and create a new one.

Developing and electronics ability: he’s sometimes read looking through books on programs in his down time. In “Ping”, this individual demonstrated that he or she is able to making modifications to arcade game cabinets.

Problem technology Gauntlet: Basic devices of every Problem technology member:

  • Plane shoes or boots: 1st got in “Going, moving, Gauntlet!”, this enhance granted Five to jump high and fly, but the guy at first have inept controls. These were in the course of time bought and sold inside blend Five and Miko’s EXP into legitimately trying to keep Ally, though Five acquired them back before her appearance in “Gallery search”.
  • Skins
    • StegaZaur Exo fit: a big, heavy-duty armour your skin first presented in “Smashozaurs”, straight empowered by Five’s beloved dynamics from line. The suit had been basically used to fit against the power of Casino’s TriTops form, though it was actually ultimately wrecked.
    • Modded ace (temporary): a custom made mod your skin of a wizard from your match “flame era 4”, involving Ridley and suitable for the data of this model tweaked errors, enabling Five to battle and shoot them.
  • Hoverboard: first-seen in “Smashozaurs”, this another journey resource primarily used in fast escapes. Could hold over a couple.
  • Speed boost: Augments his or her speed for a short period of the time.
  • Duplication Mod: brought to life by Ridley, it is actually a focus blast that causes a bug divided into two exact clones.
  • Fixed canon: a large cannon alike a tank’s with a powerful blast but requires assistance from another bug tech to position and make use of. He and Nameless used it jointly in its just aesthetics, therefore it’s unclear if this is owned by Five or Nameless.

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