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Elizabeth “Betty” Nixon was Stan’s woman and Jack Johnson’s ex-wife.

Elizabeth “Betty” Nixon was Stan’s woman and Jack Johnson’s ex-wife.

She gets have most boyfriends after the woman hubby Jack put the family unit, even so they are all kidnapped and taken fully to an island by Stan who was simply worried they will every hurt this lady similar to their daddy have. Betty marries Hercules in “Oedipal underwear” who was about kidnapped by Stan. Whenever Francine is actually asking Roger about Stan’s child he has a flashback of his or her parent port exiting him and the mama Betty. She comes deeply in love with, and later marries, a Greek butcher named Hercules.

Stan concerns his or her mother as “beautiful and sexy” in “a Gret inside give” as he proposes to let add Steve’s intimate knowledge.

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Michelle requires Stan on a journey to a past to check out his family members in “excellent xmas facts Never”.

Stan admits burn down his or her mom’s summertime room as soon as declined a cupcake in “i can not Stan You”.

Stan accepts creating their mother as a pops number fix him or her in “fit Custody”. Roger additionally tries to guess Betty’s maiden name whenever attempting to monitor Stan through his own plastic card, but may merely imagine things Italian like “frappuccino.”

Hercules and Betty Summers can be found in the audience in “Phantom for the Telethon”.

Roger says to Stan to call his own mama for being in charge of the lady dying in “Weiner individuals Discontent”. She in addition cheers on reservoir Bates at FedExField in “father Queerest”.

Stan claims taking on his or her mother’s 401K on their 14th birthday in “Boyfriend in the Moonbounce”.

She sounds at Pizza Overlord adhering to Stan and Francine’s vow revewal in “Shallow Vows”.

Stan discusses his own adults break up with Steve while appearing as a bully in “Bully for Steve”.

In “Stan’s finest Friend”, after Stan’s pops Jack lead, she deceived Stan into harming his or her canine Freddy.

She seems once again in a flashback in “Stan’s snacks eatery” after port simply leaves the family unit.

Hercules gives out in “American Stepdad” and she reveals to Stan and Francine that funeral keeps put the woman penniless. The two receive their into the future tolerate all of them and hit Roger right out the basement in making space on her behalf. Any time Stan shows up home after, he or she locates that Jeff Fischer are mobile Roger’s stuff straight back upstairs and then he and Betty expose that they received hitched under Roger’s personality of Tom Yabo. At first, Stan believes that Roger should be only looking to get into their basement, nonetheless they bond equally as Betty and Roger head to Niagara slips for a honeymoon. Stan sees research that implies that Roger plans of killing his or her mama, but once this individual gets to the accidents to circumvent your Betty explains that this tart in the pipeline on killing Roger when it comes to insurance. When this broad tries to force Roger over the falls, both slip and Stan holds both it is unable to save the pair. To be able to conserve their union with Stan, Roger sacrifices himself but arises lead a tour group at the falls. Betty transfers to Paris, France on Tom Yabo’s term life insurance but is agitated when this dish halts in a theater to view smooth together with the angry escort in Cedar Rapids IA 7 only to discover she missed the majority of the homosexual love action.

Betty in addition shows up within the team of “blood flow Crieth Unto paradise” and as an unnamed record dynamics in “Roger Passes the Bar”. Roger reference their resting with a gardener for 14 days in “Now and Gwen”.

She actually is on the list of savage survivors in “the two main hundred or so”.

Whenever Jack’s ghost teases Stan for wear snug knickers in “soul Dad”, according to him the guy have their mother’s shaft.

Steve tries to assembled a family woods that includes Betty in “the existing state”.

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