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I’m a Perth council estate lad. My mother and father split when I was eight, due to his drunken violence and my Mum then died of cancer when I was 15. I then failed all my exams and the school made me repeat a year – so I lost my friends as well as my Mum!

I then failed my first year at Dundee University and found solace at Jordanhill College in Glasgow for three years to become a PE Teacher. I also found basketball as my ‘family’ and played in the Scottish senior men’s squad.

I started work at the Magnum Leisure Centre in Irvine, then Bishopbriggs and then Wear Valley, where I became Director of Leisure and Economic Development and then onto Chief Executive at Moray Council.

All of this traditional ‘success’ was due to my ability to quickly form authentic relationships and achieve through teams, what others thought was not possible. I.e. it was my Character (EQ & Heart) and not so much my Competence (IQ & Head) that brought professional ‘success’.

I then set up the Highlands first call centre for Cap Gemini followed by The Leadership Trust.

For the last 17 years, I have helped people to change and grow in 8 European countries, taken EQ into Edinburgh and Glasgow Caledonian Universities – including working with some of the latter’s suicidal students. In organisations I focussed on leadership, values and trust in such diverse places as The W.H.O. (Geneva and Istanbul) – The James Hamilton Academy in Kilmarnock – W L Gore (UK NO 1 Company to Work For) and the charity CRISIS in London.

This more personal ‘success’ proves I have the ability, due to my authenticity, to quickly create a safe psychological space for people to explore their own ‘life stories’ in a new way. This enables them to achieve breakthroughs by shifting their own self-awareness – the start of all change, whether person, family, team or organisation.


1. A free session to establish a safe psychological environment and create the desire to change (1-2 hrs)

2. Personal coaching session to identify what you would like to achieve and agree a path to achieve this providing a behavioural and time framework. (2 x 90mins)

3. Coaching face to face, video, email and telephone support to hold you, with compassion to what you have agreed. We will jointly reflect back on and/or adjust your progress. (Timescale to be agreed – usually 6-8 sessions)

My greatest joy is to watch you grow and take control of your own life, so that I can watch you walk away with more self-confidence into a positive future.
This can be summed up as follows:

…and it’s a never ending upward spiral of lifelong learning.
I will also be there for occasional short ongoing support by phone if required, at no charge.
This will not be the normal, often endless costly weekly sessions that a qualified counsellor may require to offer for deeper issues or a more indirect approach of ongoing dependence on the counsellor.


The core of what I do is to create the energy / desire for change, by showing what can, often simply, be achieved and why EQ (People) is far more important than IQ (Process).

Leadership Management
Character Competence
People Process / Policy
Heart Head
Transformational Transactional
Sustainable Short term
Meaning Money
Human Being Human Doing

We always need both EQ and IQ – but for far too long, we have focussed purely on IQ! We now clearly know that Character (EQ) is far more important than Competence (IQ).

Companies who create ‘meaning’ for their employees, create the one crucial differentiating factor – high employee engagement. People here truly ‘want to’ go to work and not just ‘need to’ for the money.
This creates on average 12.2% year on year more profit than any similar traditional organisation and as a maximum, ten times more profit! (see The Sunday Times Top 100 List)

“The comfort zone is always the most desirable place to be. But in settling for comfort, there is a price to pay and it comes in the death of ambition, of hope, of youth and the death of self.”


A Geography teacher named Mr McAlpine, once started treating me as a person (EQ) and not a pupil (IQ) – and it changed my life!

Up to then I was a rebel without a cause, getting into trouble with the school and police, feeling alone and hurt after my mother died.

Mr McAlpine, through his wisdom and compassion, offered me the self-awareness I needed to see that only I was responsible for my life – no one else. Only I could change me and to stop blaming everything ‘out there’. I had to look ‘in here’ and change how I behaved to achieve what I wanted in life.

I then took control as my self-confidence grew, to then become all I could be – self-actualisation.

Without any university degrees, I ended up as the second youngest local government Chief Executive in the UK – serving the public not pushing the process.


I easily saw from competing at sport at a national level, that it was all about teamwork and trust – not just about learning the ‘plays’.

What made good teams great, was not their competence, but their culture – their character.

It’s no different in businesses. In today’s fast ever changing world, a traditional slow hierarchical structured organisation will fail! Bosses controlling things died in the 50 & 60s – each person now must feel engaged and trusted to decide in the moment, using their front line expertise, while always realising the team depends upon them.

“In a recent study, when asked, “What are the top issues you face at work?” leaders said – 76% are on the people/relational (EQ) side, and only 24% on the finance/technical (IQ) side.”


These are no different whether personal or organisational – it’s all about life, and work is a big part of that. I don’t believe in the outdated divisive work / life balance – it’s all about life balance – especially if we work more and more from home.

The key is how people feel, not how they think. People never remember what you said (IQ) – they will always remember how you made them feel (EQ).
Only I can decide to change myself and only you can decide to change yourself! And yet for over 2,000 years now, we have constantly tried to change others – and it hasn’t worked yet!

My experience has brought me to believe that:

Anyone can change if they ‘want to’ (inside out) Never when told they ‘need to’ (outside in).
Most need support to do so.
You have to be comfortable with discomfort – as that is where all learning / change takes place.
Everyone struggles.
The most important thing is to decide what is important.
The only person you can change is yourself.
If you always do what you’ve always done – you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
If you don’t have time, it’s not important enough.
The only constant in life is change.
You won’t find your soul mate until you find yourself.
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
• What gets rewarded gets repeated.
The clever person knows the answers – the wise person knows the questions.

“Self-conquest is the greatest of all victories.” Plato


“Entrepreneurs are usually people who think outside the box… Les not being an orthodox consultant: if you accept him being different, his gift at feeling your discomforts without you even telling him, will really take you to places outside your comfort zone beyond any of your expectations! With miracle results.

His knowledge is impressive and he always backs up his findings with a quote or book which could help you deal with the “new” you.”

Caroline Greenhalgh – Geneva

“When I met Les one year ago for a “family session”, I immediately sensed his great understanding of people and human relationships.

I was and still am very much impressed by his intuition and feeling of people. Through asking a lot of very pertinent questions, Les has helped me understand myself and people around me better than I have ever had before. Not only have I quickly moved forward on my path but also have I been able to make difficult decisions. Les being a very generous and empathetic person too, he was always there for me. I knew he would answer my questions anytime of the day which felt so reassuring too. If today I have found happiness it is a lot thanks to him!

Today I enjoy a lot talking with Les and sharing with him the challenges we are facing in life. Les has become a very close friend and my children enjoy his company a lot too. We love the talks and connect immediately at a deep level, including with my 14 year old children.”

Karine Grieder – Montreux


“Les offers a very unique skill set to any company. He is by far the most considered in regard to improving business performance through connecting to the employees having studied and digested pretty much every business development book that has ever been written! He gets it, gets the connection of human being to human doing, uniquely understands the subtlety of action and perception. He brings not only this unique level of knowledge but more importantly how it is best deployed. If your aspiration is to be a values driven highly engaged and aligned business you would do well to consider Les.

I met Les when he was at the Leadership Trust where we went on to design a unique 2 day event for further development of our team at W L Gore. I have also been part of an executives group facilitated by Les that offered a safe learning environment both personally and for solutions to business strategy. He has a lot to offer any engagement given his experience in the public, private and 3rd sector. If you are looking for an inauthentic quick fix look somewhere else, if you want authentic learning and development for your organisation Les could be your person.“

John Housego – Managing Director,
Aquascot Limited

“I’ve known Les since 2006.

For a couple of years he worked with us at Aquascot, helping us to think about the place of values in the business, leadership- both of self and others- and about the impact of our actions on those around us.

Les is not an orthodox consultant, he offers no bland remedies and is likely to take you out of your comfort zone. Eleven years on we are still accruing daily business benefit from his work.”

Dennis Overton YPO –
Chairman of Scottish Food and Drink

“Changing the culture of an organisation is one of the most difficult but crucial issues facing today’s managers. I have worked with Les Morgan over a period of five years and have found his approach challenging and refreshing. Most of all Les is courageous and that is what we value most from him.

If you are ready for change, really ready for change then you should give him a call.”

George Morris YPO –
Chairman Morris & Spottiswood



Nairn, Scotland, UK


+44 (0) 7770 903266


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